Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Almost done

well the essay is due Saturday, and despite thinking I would utilise the Christmas break to do some work, I think I failed quite massively on that front. no matter as the reading I have done seems to be seeing me through nicely and my essay is coming together how I wanted it to! which is a relief more than anything else. Ive read more than i thought and if I use most of what Ive noted I have healthy bibliography
one thing that does concern me though is my time keeping. I really struggle to get home after a long day at work and sit down to reading or typing. from working in administration for the last 8 years I know that my peak concentration occurs in the morning and after lunch, so by 5pm I'm just knackered, especially after cycling home. although I have been surprised to find my insomnia that I used to *suffer* from in my teens making a reappearance (I say 'suffer' lightly as Ive never really been bothered by it and can function quite normally on only a few hours kip!)
what I really want is to reduce my hours at work, but owing to the current government overhaul of the NHS, this would be a really silly move!! So playing the lotto I feel is my best course!! I did win £8 the other day so I'm bound to improve!! really!!

I'm sure at some point this blog will begin to become more technical in the pursuit of Archaeology rather than just a forum to vent my ramblings and frustrations. Ive just not got there yet!!

Were looking at Romans this weekend. doesnt really peak my interest all that much after many years of Roman Life and Latin classes but ive been surprised all along so far so i'm hoping for an other interesting lecture, which might quash some of the conceptions I have on Roman Britain! we will see!!

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