Wednesday, 22 December 2010

frustrating block

I have been waiting ages for a couple of books to arrive that have been delayed by snow. Hopefully they will come tomorrow as they are definitely in our local depot!
Frustrating yes but not the end of the world, except that I seem to have used their absence as an excuse to slow right down reading up for my next essay, which is just very lazy of me and incredibly frustrating. But ive made a pact now with myself that the time off I have over Christmas will be dedicated to sitting down nice and warm and studying. So apart from a couple of family visits my time is my own. Just feel for significant other, whom I am somewhat neglecting at the moment! It will sort itself out im sure!
For some more inspiring reads, I have relished in the snow cover we have had in the area recently because it has highlighted a norman motte+bailey castle I had long known about in the area but not seen due to the location being on private land surrounded by trees, but in the snow covered world the obvious mound earthworks show out on the landscape from the significant others workplace. So he took me down for a look the other day- didn’t get any photos – mores the pity but felt happier for seeing the earthworks.
So apart from all the reading im doing and the essay which is coming together, my next plan is to go and look at a site ive chosen to feature in an interpretive exercise as part of the course. This Site is the Iron Age Hill Fort at Cadbury Congresbury, a place that I grew up on, quite literally as my parents house is about a 5 min walk away, you can see the woodland that encloses the site from their house! Im really looking forward to this visit and will probably do it on boxing day when we visit home.
So that’s it for me for now. Im going to get on and read now. I promise!!

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